We believe in loving, serving, walking with, and being a supportive community for students as they work through their academic careers. As part of our local church family, our student ministry team is specifically dedicated to investing in any student who wants to mature both in their personal faith and influence as leaders.  

In other words, our student ministry team strives to be the hands and feet of Jesus on the college campus (there's a few in the greater Portland are!) We want to equip students to do WAY more than merely graduate. (Although graduating is always nice.) We want to walk alongside students and invest in them, that they might make a significant impact on their campus, as they themselves join in Jesus' mission to bring His kingdom to their campus, just as it is in heaven.

Practically, we go about this by...

  • Being present on the campus,
  • Building relationships and equipping students to grow as disciples of Jesus,
  • Training students for leadership and outreach,
  • Providing a diverse Christ-centered community,
  • Hosting special events and various courses (like the Alpha Course)
  • And much more!

Whether you’re a student yourself or someone with a little extra time and a lot of love, you can make a difference if you'd like to join the party! For more information on how to get in involved, please contact our campus missionary, Lilly Tams at