One of the best ways we've found for people to be a part of the authentic expression of church is in the context of a smaller group that we call an ekklesia. Ekklesia [ekk-luh-see-yuh] is the Greek word meaning "church."

The church is a community on God's mission together. An ekklesia is a smaller expression of this idea. Each one consists of about 10-20 people in all stages of life, who gather over a meal to get to know each other a bit more, and together, learn how to love God and participate in his great mission to bring New Life to Portland and beyond.

We don't desire ekklesias just to be another program of our church, but rather a holistic and genuine expression of church itself. Our ekklesias work in partnership with our larger weekend gatherings to ensure that we are getting the full outcomes of all that God desires for Grace City.

Typically our ekklesias don't have regular gatherings during the summer months or during winter break. New and old ekklesias start back up every fall.

You can find when and where each of our current ekklesias meet on the map below:

Follow the link below to sign up for an ekklesia!