Gabrielle is a mental health therapist that currently practices at a number of locations working with a range of individuals and families in Newberg and Portland. She finds great pleasure in meeting with individuals and supporting them on their journey.

Gabrielle is currently finishing her doctorate in Clinical Psychology at George Fox University. She has worked in a variety of settings including school-based services, emergency department, inpatient psychiatric care, and community mental health. Gabrielle enjoys working with a broad range of clinical needs, and has experience providing care to trauma survivors, individuals in crisis, and those experiencing heightened anxiety or depressive symptoms.

She approaches therapeutic work with an open-mind and seeks to meet the specific needs of each individual she works with. In general, Gabrielle views the work she does with individuals from a spiritual, attachment-based, and dynamic perspective taking into consideration how past events may be influencing the current relationships, thoughts, and behaviors seen today.

When not working or studying, Gabrielle enjoys running, backpacking, rock climbing, cooking and reading. She enjoys attending local markets and shops and has a particular love for artisan coffee. Recently, she has begun learning to surf as her newest hobby.